Gadget Insurance

Whether it’s your mobile or laptop, we’ll protect your prized possessions against theft, loss, accidental damage - giving you peace of mind when you’re out, at home or on holiday.

Gadget Insurance from £3.96 a month.

Your Policy Benefits

Accidental Damage

Accidents happen. We can't help that but we can help make sure that if you mistakenly damage your device, your repair cost is covered.


These days, it's not unusual for us to regularly carry around gizmos worth hundreds (if not thousands!) of pounds, making cover against theft essential.


Unfortunately, even the most careful of us have lost items when we're out and about. We'll replace your lost items to lessen the blow.

Cracked Screen

The most common type of phone damage, a cracked screen can render your device useless. We cover cracked screens as standard.

Liquid Damage

If your gadget breaks after accdidentally coming into contact with any type of liquid, we'll replace it. Most standard warranties won't cover this.

Unauthorised Use

If your minutes, texts or data are used from a device that has been lost or stolen, we'll refund these costs so you're not footing the bill.

Compare & Choose The Best Cover For You

Accidental Damage
Mechanical Breakdown
Unauthorised Use
Worldwide Cover 30 Days 90 Days
Price from (per month) £3.96 £5.31

Why Gizmo Insurance

No Admin Fees

We don't charge any admin fees, so you can keep your list of gadgets up to date with no penalty

Simple & Quick

Our easy to use form will allow you to get a quote in a couple of clicks and make a purchase in under 2 minutes

Worldwide Cover

We offer cover abroad as standard, so take your devices on holiday with the peace of mind they're still protected

Flexible Payment Option

Premiums are payable either in full for the year, or if it suits your budget, choose our rolling monthly payments option

Family Cover

Cover the whole family's gadgets under one policy. We can insure up to 5 devices per policy and the more insure devices insured, the better the discount

Unlimited Claims and Repairs

We don't have a restriction on how many claims you can make under our policies

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